Blackfinch Ventures EIS Portfolios:
Now with Limited Availability for Investment this Tax Year

Get in touch to ensure you can help your clients to reduce their tax liabilities, including through the EIS ‘carry back’ facility on Income Tax discussed below.


Obtaining 30% Income Tax Relief
When clients invest in small, growing companies via Enterprise Investment Schemes (EIS) they can take advantage of a number of tax benefits. These include 30% Income Tax relief with a ‘carry back’ facility. At this point, as clients focus on their financial plans, they can look to use this facility.


Using the EIS Carry Back Facility
The carry back facility allows all or part of a client’s EIS investment made in one year to be treated as if it had been made in the previous year. When clients make use of it, the 30% Income Tax relief is then applied to the Income Tax liability for the previous year, rather than for the current tax year. It can be used up to the limit of the EIS relief for each year.




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