Whatever the economic climate, we work to ensure that our products meet customers’ needs.

We understand the evolving requirements of both clients and advisers. So we continually evolve our investment propositions. We achieve this through constant adaptation to change, from market shifts to new regulation.

Our aim is always to deliver products and services that offer value to investors, through investing in sectors and opportunities that generate real returns.

Adapting and evolving

Blackfinch, in name and design, was inspired by one in a group of birds known as ‘Darwin’s finches’. They influenced Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution, focused on how species evolve through adapting to their environment.

Darwin identified the finches on a trip to the Galápagos Islands in the nineteenth century. He saw that they displayed different characteristics according to which island they lived on, seen most in their beaks, with the size and shape adapted to different food sources. The Black Finch was the most highly evolved.

On the anniversary of Darwin’s birth on 12th February 2012, Blackfinch was conceptualised. Darwin’s ideas inform our work, as we continue to provide the strongest possible solutions for customers.

Customer-focused approach

At Blackfinch, our customers are both advisers and investors. Our service encompasses more than investment strategy and management. We offer support and education for advisers and our service is accessible to all customers throughout the investment process.

We work closely with advisers to deliver innovative solutions for clients. Whatever solution customers choose, Blackfinch products are always delivered with a focus on value and transparency.

Capital preservation and risk mitigation
 A strategy to generate a real return
 Approved underlying investments 

Helping people to Thrive

People are at the heart of everything we do. That applies to our staff, our network of advisers and their clients, and the charities and individuals we support. Whatever we’re doing, we’re focused on being a business that can help people to thrive. This is reflected in internal personal development plans, product design, investment strategies, and our charity work.


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