Blackfinch Group

Investment specialists working towards a more sustainable world

Blackfinch Group

Our Story

Blackfinch, in name and design, was inspired by ‘Darwin’s finches’. They influenced Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution.

Darwin found the finches on the Galápagos Islands in the 19th century. He saw that they had different characteristics based on where they lived. The sizes and shapes of their beaks were adapted to different food sources. The Black Finch was the most highly evolved.

Built on over 25 years of investment track record, the name Blackfinch first came into being on the anniversary of Darwin’s birth, 12th February 2013. Since then we have grown into a group of companies, with a shared vision of a more sustainable future.

Founded on evolutionary principles, we work to provide the strongest possible solutions for customers. Together our businesses offer products and services for investors in almost any situation.

Our Values

Our values of ‘Adapt’, ‘Evolve’ and ‘Thrive’ are core to how we work and what we offer.

They sprang from Darwin’s work. We adapt to provide evolved products and services so that our customers can thrive.

These values place responsible investing at the heart of our approach. We’re working to make a positive difference in the world.


To modify or alter, in order to adjust to new conditions


To develop gradually, improving over successive iterations


To grow or develop well, so as to prosper and flourish


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