The innovative firm provides effortless mapping software for
property research and valuation

Blackfinch has led a funding round of over £1m in edozo which closed in December 2019. Founded in 2016, the London-based firm’s mission is to make property research and valuation more efficient and accurate. Edozo offers a combined maps and data platform which delivers efficient and accurate solutions for hundreds of commercial property consultancies across the UK, including many of the largest brands in the sector.

Edozo’s technology allows for simple, fast and accurate property research, also supporting the ongoing digitalisation of the sector. The success of Edozo Maps makes it the fastest growing platform for commercial property maps. Its simple user-interface and unique Auto-Polygon technology deliver mapping solutions which can generate formal title boundary plans with a single click.  Meanwhile Edozo Search combines the only free UK comparable exchange with a wide range of other property data on a single platform.

The company’s founders, Marcus Ginn and Andrew Peacock, are exceptionally experienced in the commercial property sector. They bring a wealth of skill and knowledge to working with the wider team, which is made up of experienced property professionals, entrepreneurs and technologists.

The co-founders worked with property professionals from leading consultancies in the UK to design and build the platform. As part of this, Edozo’s pay-as-you-go pricing model reduces the friction in onboarding customers and has helped the firm to deliver impressive and consistent growth of 10% month on month.

The investment from Blackfinch will be used to develop new features and expand Edozo’s sales and marketing activities. edozo aims is to accelerate its rate of growth and capture market share ahead of a further funding round in 2020.



Marcus Ginn, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer said: “Edozo is growing fast and with Blackfinch’s investment we are excited to be able to further accelerate growth.”



Reuben Wilcock, Ventures Director, Blackfinch Group, said: “Edozo’s highly motivated team have an exceptional understanding of their market and their product has gained an impressive level of traction in the commercial property sector.”



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