Laura Barber Riley, fundraising for Genetic Disorders UK at the Virgin Money London Marathon 2018, shares her experiences of training.

Along with Blackfinch, I am thrilled to be supporting the charity Genetic Disorders UK at the Virgin Money London Marathon 2018. With the 22 April event imminent, I’m sharing my training experiences along with inviting everyone to get involved.



Making a plan: In training for the Marathon, planning has been top of mind. Outdoor running along with some indoor treadmill work has been key, along with extra attention to health and diet. I have worked to build up the miles steadily along with giving myself some time to recover.

Resting after running: Rest has been especially important at times when I have sustained mild injuries. ‘Maranoia’ set in a while ago… every slight niggle had me panicking that one of my legs was going to fall off mid-stride. Foam rollers, ice packs, lengthy post-run stretch routines, spiky massage balls, compression socks, books, joint supplements have all formed part of my anti-injury arsenal.

Using an app: I have used an ASICS training app to track my progress and calculate my predicted marathon time, which gave me a boost. Their target paces for different training runs were in keeping with what I’m comfortable running, resulting in a refined plan.

Practising at smaller events: I found it useful to practice at smaller marathons and runs. Attending made me feel like a ‘proper runner’ with a number pinned to my top! At one I took the opportunity to push myself and made a decent time. It was also a useful experience: I started out too fast and had to scale back on a later lap though I had absolutely nothing left to give near the finish!

Getting in gear: When it comes to running gear, I make sure I always wear clothing that is breathable and non-absorbent. On the day of the Marathon I’ll be running in Blackfinch-branded items. Hopefully the Blackfinch will bring me extra strength and luck.

If you’d like to find out more about my training and background to supporting Genetic Disorders UK at the London Marathon 2018, you can read my blog here.

There’s also still time to make a donation to support the work of the charity and its involvement in the Marathon. You can donate by visiting my fundraising page, and the charity’s own site.

Genetic Disorders UK will also be participating in the London Marathon Walk taking place on 18th September 2018. Find out more about taking part here.

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