Following our previous updates on prospective investments for the Blackfinch Ventures EIS Portfolios, we have completed investments in four fast-growing early stage firms. In line with the portfolios’ tech investment mandate, each is a high-growth business disrupting its sector with smart technology. These are some of the UK’s most innovative new companies, bringing the prospect of significant returns for investors as they grow. They are:



Tended, based in Lincoln, which has developed a pioneering wrist-wearable safety device aimed at businesses with employees who work independently or remotely



Comparesoft, based in London, offering a search assistant powered by artificial intelligence to find and compare enterprise software


Kinteract, based in Oxfordshire, introducing a portable learning record from early years to graduation, that facilitates rapid communication between teachers, students and parents


Warwick Analytics, based in London, a powerful analytical tech company using machine learning to analyse customer data in large corporations




We will remain closely involved with each firm, supporting founders and teams to build companies for the long term. We will keep you updated on firms’ progress, including key commercial milestones, as we work with each on their journey towards success, looking to exit at optimal points for investors.


Dr Reuben Wilcock, Ventures Director, Blackfinch Ventures, said:
“The technology space is a huge market, and we are excited to complete these first four deals.  The invested companies all have talented and highly motivated teams at their core who are developing innovative technology focused solutions for real world problems. Their applications span education, safety, analytics and e-commerce yet what they share in common is the potential to disrupt their sectors and achieve substantial growth.”


The Blackfinch Ventures EIS Portfolios invest in early stage businesses across sectors with technological potential. We support the next wave of EIS-qualifying firms, full of ideas and innovation, which could transform their market. These businesses, while higher risk investments, offer prospects for significant returns, enabling investors to access this alongside EIS tax benefits.


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