Blackfinch extends support to the charity and to Laura Barber-Riley in fundraising for it as a runner at the 2018 Virgin Money London Marathon

Charitable activity is a natural extension of our work at Blackfinch. We work in service of our customers and the wider community, looking to make a difference through both professional and charity work. Blackfinch has a focus on specialised causes, plus protecting the environment and all those in it. This year, as our chosen charity, we are supporting Genetic Disorders UK including at the 2018 Virgin Money London Marathon on April 22.

The charity has a strong a presence at the Marathon, with many runners fundraising at the event plus a Marathon walk around London later in the year. Genetic Disorders UK is probably best known for its Jeans for Genes initiative, established in the UK’s charity calendar as a fundraising day for those with rare genetic disorders.

1 in 25 children in the UK has a genetic disorder and over half a million children and adults live with the challenges this creates. Genetic Disorders UK provides resources and support for those affected, and to the many specialised charities and patient groups that are focused on a single genetic disorder or a related group of genetic disorders.

As a company founded on concepts of evolution, we have a strong interest in Genetic Disorders UK and it means a lot to us to be able to support its work. We are also delighted to sponsor artist Laura Barber-Riley as a Marathon runner fundraising for the charity. Laura has a personal connection to Blackfinch, being a relative of one of our management, and a personal connection to Genetic Disorders UK. Her youngest son Henry was born with a rare genetic neurological condition.

Laura explains: “Henry has Episodic Ataxia Type 2, a slowly degenerative condition that can make him very unwell. His EA2 has also affected his social and motor development, with a huge impact on the whole family. We are lucky that Genetic Disorders UK supports his EA2 along with an enormous range of different conditions, working to reach many more children and their families.”

Laura and family have previously raised money for Jeans for Genes, with Laura now enlisting brands and businesses to show their support, alongside her training for the London Marathon. Says Laura, “I’m incredibly grateful to Genetic Disorders UK for giving me such a wonderful opportunity. I have never run a marathon before so this is going to be an enormous challenge. But I am so excited at the same time, and thrilled to be raising money for such a fantastic charity.”


Click here to make a donation for Laura’s fundraising.

Click here to find out more about Genetic Disorders UK at the London Marathon.

Click here to find out more about Blackfinch’s charity work.

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