A Digital Revolution: the UK is Set to Hit a Technology High

Technology is advancing as 5G has now been launched in selected cities

Each decade we see rapid advances in technology, making many peoples’ lives around the world easier, safer and more efficient.

A prime recent example in the UK is the launch in select cities of the super-fast wireless network 5G. This should allow for quicker Internet access and enable more devices to access the mobile Internet at the same time. It’s an exciting step forward, making for an even more connected world. Over time, it could also bring us closer to a world of driverless cars!

5G’s launch is just one part of what’s happening in technology. The market in the UK is huge, with new products launching daily. The vast technology space gives opportunity for rapid growth in a short timescale, with exit valuations and returns continuously hitting new highs. Founders can get products to market quickly, often reaching international markets in the first cycle of development.  These quick timeframes are great for both a company and its investors.

Blackfinch Ventures is at the forefront of this activity, investing in innovative high-growth start-ups that have a specialism in technology. We’ve recently selected four groundbreaking tech companies to receive funding and we continue working with founders that offer exciting new concepts. From edtech to artificial intelligence-based products, we support forward-thinking companies with pioneering teams.


“Blackfinch makes a point of connecting with and investing in companies that aren’t just in London. We recognise the distribution of talent throughout the UK for new tech companies and travel all over the country meeting with exciting new businesses.”

Dr Reuben Wilcock, Ventures Director


We support change and growth in technology so we are excited to see the launch of 5G in the UK. Similarly we are focused on the wealth of technology talent nationwide, including recent and prospective investee companies. Blackfinch Ventures invests in products and firms that are full of ideas and could transform their market. Our expert team ensures that firms are supported throughout the process, from initial investment to exit.


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