6th July 2020

2 minutes reading time

PRESS RELEASE: Blackfinch Launches Additional Portfolios to Enhance its Ethical IHT Solution

Four model portfolios cater to investor needs for a diverse, ESG-focused IHT offering. In response to adviser and investor needs, Blackfinch Group has launched today two new portfolios within its Adapt IHT Portfolios range. These bring a stronger ethical focus to the Inheritance Tax (IHT) solution. It now provides more options for those seeking investments centred on environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors.

Clients can choose from four portfolios: Ethical portfolio, a new portfolio focused mainly on renewables and low carbon projects. Balanced portfolio, formerly the Capital Preservation portfolio. Balanced Growth portfolio, a new portfolio with a blended focus on capital preservation with growth.

As the collective IHT liability increases, clients also continue to look for diversified IHT solutions. Blackfinch Investments, part of Blackfinch Group, provides these as a tax-efficient investment specialist. Its expert team continues managing the portfolios

Blackfinch Group is also an established ESG investor with a specialism in renewable energy. It is committed to a positive impact across its businesses and investee firms. This means it is well placed to support advisers on ESG-friendly solutions for clients.

The expanded portfolio range brings access to diverse opportunities. Clients can invest in firms operating across renewable energy generation, property development finance and asset-backed lending. Each portfolio invests in the same firms but with different allocations to suit different requirements. In this way, the range can help advisers cater to more clients.

" Richard Cook, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Blackfinch Group, stated: Blackfinch has the ability to adapt to shifting markets and customer needs, providing the strongest possible solutions. Our ESG-focused IHT range can support advisers in working   with clients. And our capabilities in renewables, and property, mean we can offer even more choice in investing. "

" Richard Simmonds, Chief Investment Officer at Blackfinch Group, added: These two new portfolio options enhance our IHT solution’s ethical focus. We look forward to working with advisers, supporting them to help more clients address IHT. In turn, clients     can be assured that investments are aligned with their ESG considerations. "