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ESG principles are in our DNA. Inspired by the work of Charles Darwin, we’re focused on continually adapting and evolving in order to help others thrive. We have grown with the ESG movement and incorporate its principles across our businesses.

Our offerings also include ESG-approved funds, available only through advisers. They can help to meet growing investor demands for ethical outsourced investments. This is along with the latest regulatory requirements, including those arising from MiFiD II.


Blackfinch Group is currently developing its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) framework to co-ordinate and consistently drive its business and social practices in the following areas: –

  • The Client Environment- adapting and evolving the Blackfinch products and services to ensure that they meet clients’ needs and aspirations


  • The Work Environment- adapting and evolving the recruitment of its staff, how it develops and ensure work and life balance, how it communicates and informs.


  • The Community Environment- Blackfinch Group will continue to engage with local and national bodies and support charity through sponsorship and fund raising.


  • The World Environment- Blackfinch Group aspires to be a responsible entity and that there is a duty of care to ensure that it contributes positively to the planet’s sustainability.





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Modern Slavery Act Statement – Read here










We’re currently updating our other policies, please check back for more information.

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