An Inheritance Tax Solution

When it comes to Inheritance Tax (IHT), we fly in formation. We know you need a strategy delivering a swift and straightforward solution. That’s why we utilise Business Relief (BR) for a more efficient route to IHT mitigation.

IHT is affecting more and more people.  The nil-rate band on an individual’s estate is currently just £325,000 (not including any additional reliefs). With this set against rising property values, it’s likely that IHT will bite into the legacy you want to leave.


Seasonal Offer:

Lifetime 0% annual management charge (AMC) on new applications. Blackfinch will apply a 0% AMC throughout the life of any new application received from now until mid June 2020, for any client investing in the Adapt IHT Portfolios. Get in touch with our team to find out more.

Key benefits

Mitigate IHT and preserve wealth, with return potential. An option to withdraw capital means you stay in control.


If assets are over the current IHT nil-rate band of £325,000, investing into the Adapt IHT Portfolios can potentially reduce the 40% tax payable on your excess estate. The Adapt IHT Portfolios can become exempt from IHT in just two years. (This does not include any additional reliefs).


Our competitive fee structure creates enhanced upside potential. Blackfinch only takes an annual management fee of 0.5% +VAT after we have achieved a minimum target return for you of 4% or 6% depending on the model you select.


Retained access to and control of your capital enables you to make full or partial withdrawals if the situation changes. You can take a regular payment from your investment (quarterly, semi-annually or annually) or leave the capital invested.

How It Works

The below example illustrates potential savings following investment.
This example excludes any other reliefs that may be available.

Total value of estate


Amount invested into Adapt IHT Portfolios


Amount liable to IHT


TOTAL amount payable on death (40%)


Amount saved by investing in Adapt IHT Portfolios



For further information on the Adapt IHT Portfolios please see below. You can also email [email protected] or call 01452 717 070 to make an appointment with one of our team.

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We are very proud that the Adapt IHT Portfolios have received a review from MICAP, the provider of quality independent due diligence and research into the tax-efficient investment market.

Click here to view the latest MICAP report for the capital preservation portfolio

Click here to view the latest MICAP report for the growth portfolio

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