An Inheritance Tax Solution

When it comes to mitigating Inheritance Tax (IHT), we fly in formation, using Business Relief (BR) for an efficient route. Four model portfolios access BR-qualifying investments across asset-backed lending, property development finance and renewable energy generation.


The current nil rate band for IHT of just £325,000, (excluding other reliefs), set against higher property values, means a 40% tax could be payable on your excess estate. But an investment in a BR-based solution can bring IHT relief after two years (and if held at death).




We provide access to a wide range of investment opportunities based around BR-qualifying investments, making for a swifter route to IHT exemption. Four model portfolios access the same firms but with different portfolio allocations to suit different investor needs.


Ethical Portfolio- Target return of 3% net of costs and charges

Balanced Portfolio –  Target return of 4% net of costs and charges

Balanced Growth Portfolio – Target return of 4.5% net of costs and charges

Growth Portfolio – Target return of 5%+ net of costs and charges

Key benefits

Mitigate IHT and preserve wealth, with return potential and flexibility.


The Adapt IHT Portfolios stand out in the market by giving you the choice of four model portfolios. Whether you are focused on sustainable investing, capital preservation, growth, or aim for a blended approach, you can choose the portfolio that is right for you.


Our competitive fee structure creates enhanced upside potential. Blackfinch only takes an annual management fee of 0.5% +VAT after we have achieved a minimum target return for you of 3%, 4%, 4.5% or 5%+, depending on the model portfolio that you select.


Retained access to and control of your capital enables you to make full or partial withdrawals if your situation changes. You can take a regular payment from your investment (quarterly, semi-annually or annually) or leave the capital invested.

How It Works

The below example illustrates potential savings following investment.
This example excludes any other reliefs that may be available.

Total value of estate


Amount invested into Adapt IHT Portfolios


Amount liable to IHT


TOTAL amount payable on death (40%)


Amount saved by investing in Adapt IHT Portfolios


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