Tax-efficient Specialists

Blackfinch has its origins in the tax-efficient investment market. Over the last 25 years, our business has evolved alongside government-backed tax-efficient vehicles. With tax mitigation always high on the client agenda, we continue to adapt and innovate.

We know that protecting an estate is one of the most challenging and emotive areas of financial planning. So we work with advisers to deliver solutions that can help clients to meet their aims.

Our Approach

We understand that investors, whether individuals or businesses, often wish to preserve capital alongside maintaining tax reliefs.

Across our services we incorporate this into our investment strategy as a key element. Our focus is on capital protection, security and growth.

Our aim is to deliver products and services that offer value, through investing into sectors and opportunities that generate real returns. We offer competitive structures with some of the lowest charges in the market.

Commitment to clients

Our strict selection and due diligence processes ensure that we work with only the strongest firms as part of optimising capital preservation and yield opportunities in client portfolios. We also consult with a wide range of industry experts on each investment and form partnerships with specialists on products.

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