What’s it like to work at Blackfinch?

Blackfinch Investments

As we continue to expand and hire more people we’re often asked this question. The simple answer is that Blackfinch helps people to thrive, including its employees. Liz Barlow, one of our front-end developers, tells us about life here as a new starter.

Liz Barlow 18

What is your role here?
I work on Blackfinch’s technology team, helping to build and enhance websites for use by our sales team and by our adviser network. The internal system will help our sales team with client management and administration. Meanwhile we’re rebuilding the adviser portal in tandem with the marketing and investment teams to integrate all adviser requirements. We want to make things as easy and efficient as possible for advisers.

How did you get involved with Blackfinch?
I was lucky in that a former colleague got a job here and liked it and recommended me for an interview. They hired me and I’ve been here one month now.

What were the initial meetings like?
When you come in, it’s a brand new office and the Blackfinch brand is everywhere, so that stands out. And the interview was different too. They were very friendly, and decisive – they offered me the job quite quickly. And there is flexibility. I live in High Wycombe but I travel up to the Cotswolds and stay in a hotel so I can be in the office two days a week.

What’s different about Blackfinch for you?
I have worked across different sectors including hospitality and insurance as a developer and business analyst. In other roles, processes were sometimes unwieldy. So it’s good to be working somewhere that is friendly and growing, with a focus on efficiency, as we can develop more effective processes. They’re also prepared to invest in our team so we’re all working with new equipment and PCs. Basically we’re given the freedom to get things done.

What are the people like?
Blackfinch runs regular events for staff. This has helped as it’s meant I have got to meet people that I wouldn’t have otherwise. Blackfinch has a social committee who are good at enlisting you in a friendly way. I’ve played golf and been bowling, which were both fun, along with meeting nice people from other teams. And we all enjoyed the cakes at a charity event for Macmillan Cancer Care.

What do you do outside work?
I like cake! Not just eating but baking and decorating cakes. I sometimes make them for charity events or special occasions. I recently made one for Halloween in the shape of a pumpkin, with orange icing and a gluten-free chocolate cake mix. I took it into the office and it got eaten pretty quickly…