Partnership Approach

At Blackfinch we recognise the fundamental role of advisers. So we always work closely with them as our financial planning partners.

We understand that advisers face a multitude of challenges and need services that fulfil their own business requirements alongside meeting client needs.

We also know that increasing complexity within financial planning means clients are now paying more attention to adviser accessibility and quality of advice. The Blackfinch Wealth Managed Portfolio Service (MPS) has been designed to support this evolving value chain.

Embracing Complementary Roles

The MPS can give advisers the time and resources to enrich their client relationships and outcomes. While we work in partnership with them, our specialism lies within the investment process. Meanwhile the adviser’s remains their expertise in managing the client relationship and implementing their financial plan.

Through the MPS we are dedicated to helping advisers focus on the growth of their business. Advisers can have the assurance that we are managing the time, resource and regulatory requirements inherent in portfolio management.

Adviser Focus

Our partnership approach is designed for seamless integration into existing advice processes. This includes how advisers can leverage the skills and knowledge of our team whenever they need to. Advisers also retain ownership of their client, with full control over the relationship. We will not communicate directly with a client without an adviser’s consent. Our aim is always to support and promote the work of advisers.

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