Creating portfolio diversification through exposure to the tech sector, the Venture Capital Trust (VCT) invests in firms at the growth stage of development. This brings a higher chance of success, alongside VCT tax benefits.

The tech sector offers impressive potential returns, with firms operating across industries, often offering solutions based on ground-breaking new concepts. We invest in companies that have already raised funding, gained traction and are seeking to accelerate the scale-up process.

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31st January 2020 – Application deadline for Early Bird offer

6th March 2020 – Next planned allotment date


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Clients can draw on VCT tax benefits while investing in high-growth tech firms, with investments managed by a team of technology specialists and entrepreneurs.


VCT Tax Benefits

These government-endorsed vehicles offer a range of tax benefits to offset the risk of investing in early stage firms. The benefits are available on investments of up to £200,000 in a tax year.

  • Up to 30% Income Tax relief (minimum holding period five years)
  • Gains exempt from Capital Gains Tax (CGT) when you sell your shares
  • No Income Tax on any dividends from a VCT


Our team supports a broad range of opportunities, arising from new deal flow and the Blackfinch Ventures EIS Portfolios. We source firms using extensive networks, state-of-the-art research platforms and stringent criteria. We also make follow-on investments in the highest-performing EIS companies. As we manage investments for the VCT and the EIS, this brings the advantage of deep knowledge, experience and past data on firms.


The tech sector gives access to high-growth firms and reasonable exit timescales. And in supporting companies sourced from new deal flow and the Blackfinch Ventures EIS Portfolios, this creates an array of exit opportunities. The team is targeting dividends of 5% p.a. by 2024, along with special dividends through earlier exits. Clients can also consider whether to reinvest their dividends for further 30% Income Tax relief.

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