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Media EIS Portfolios (closed)

Our specialised EIS service, investing in companies in entertainment and media, closed at capacity in March 2018. Read on for background. Further EIS launches are imminent.

Utilising rights on creative work requires investment expertise. Evolve Media EIS Portfolios deliver the tax benefits of Enterprise Investment Schemes (EIS) through qualifying companies that meet the strict EIS criteria. Whether music publishing, television production or distribution we target capital preservation through predictable income streams.

Key Benefits

Hold investments for three years and take advantage of a range of tax benefits:

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IHT relief is available after two years (provided investments are held at time of death) or sooner if the EIS investment replaces an investment that already qualifies for IHT relief through Business Relief (BR)

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CGT is available for gains realised three years prior to or one year after investing. Tax is deferred during the life of the investment and eliminated if held at death. Unlike Income Tax, there is no limit on the level of CGT that can be deferred.

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Investment in EIS brings the ability to claim up to 45% relief on any investments that are realised at a loss (net of any Income Tax relief on that investment).

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No CGT is payable on disposal of the shares after three years provided the Income Tax relief has been given and not withdrawn.

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Relief is available on a maximum investment of £1 million for the current tax year, or an investment of up to £1 million backdated to the previous tax year.

How It Works


Music publishing companies are responsible for creating, protecting, administering and monetising rights in musical compositions on behalf of musicians, songwriters and composers. The music publishing royalties are the revenues due to the creator of that underlying intellectual property and are generated from several sources.

Below is an example of one project that has received funding from Evolve Media EIS Portfolios.

Breathe Movie Poster


Television distribution companies sell the broadcast rights for television programmes on behalf of producers. The companies acquire distribution rights for those television programmes by advancing money to the television producer which is recovered in first position, along with sales commission and expenses from the sales of the programme to international broadcasters who license those rights.

Below is an example of one project that has received funding from Evolve Media EIS Portfolios.

Back Catalogue Distribution- James Martin's French Adventure

Case Studies

Click here for a range of case studies showing how the Evolve Media EIS Portfolios can help investors in different situations.

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