IHT mitigation and more

Our discretionary services can help you mitigate Inheritance Tax (IHT), without missing out on the market. We focus on capital preservation and tax efficiency, while targeting returns through highly diversified portfolios.

IHT can create problems. Its mitigation can create possibilities. Working in partnership with Alternative Investment Market (AIM) small company investment specialists Chelverton Asset Management, the service brings the opportunity to invest in qualifying AIM-listed businesses. This creates the potential for returns alongside IHT exemption.

Key benefits

Advantages of AIM investment include ISA eligibility, while flexible structures ensure control. Our partnership with Chelverton ensures high diversification.


The Adapt AIM Portfolios combine our tax-efficient specialism with the proven expertise of AIM specialists Chelverton Asset Management. The partnership is exclusive to this service, creating highly diversified portfolios.


AIM-listed shares can be held in an ISA wrapper – to not only mitigate an IHT liability after two years but also offer tax-free dividends with no Capital Gains Tax on investment growth.


Adapt AIM Portfolios offer the choice of an Income or Growth portfolio. You always retain access to and control of capital with the ability to withdraw funds or leave them invested for growth.

How it Works

Consider an investor who has accumulated a large ISA pot after years of careful saving and investing. Although the ISA remains tax-efficient throughout the investor’s lifetime, it represents a potential IHT liability on death.

The below example illustrates potential savings following investment, while retaining the benefits of the ISA.

Total value of estate


Amount invested into Adapt AIM Portfolios


Amount liable to IHT


TOTAL amount payable on death (40%)


Amount saved by investing in Adapt AIM Portfolios



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We are very proud that the Adapt AIM Portfolios have received a review from MICAP, the provider of quality independent due diligence and research into the tax-efficient investment market.

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