Investing In Renewable Energy

Blackfinch is a leading investor in renewable energy and energy infrastructure projects. Sedgwick Trading Limited, an underlying firm of Blackfinch Investments’ Adapt IHT Portfolios, owns and operates renewable energy sites across the UK, including Northern Ireland.


Sedgwick Trading currently owns four large ground mounted solar sites, one large commercial rooftop portfolio across 24 sites and three operational onshore wind farms. Nationwide coverage brings diversification, as does investment in different technologies and a range of installations. Total generation capacity across these sites is 28 megawatts (MW).


Investment Opportunities

The market for renewable energy and energy infrastructure investment continues to grow. Our expertise in this area, and network of introducers including developers and advisers, allow us to continue identifying opportunities not normally accessible to individual investors.

Our investments in renewable energy projects offer Blackfinch investors indexed linked returns while inherently mitigating risk and therefore maximising capital preservation. They benefit from government-backed subsidies that are inflation linked and typically guaranteed for 20 years or more. As a result they can deliver secure and predictable revenues for investors.


Commitment to Sector & Clients

We are an organisation founded on evolutionary principles. Our investments in renewables reflect this focus. We are committed to the use of sustainable energy sources. As the market continues to evolve and deliver returns for investors we will further expand our portfolio and capabilities in this area.


Investment Focus

Sedgwick typically focuses on equity investments of between £2m and £10m with deal sizes of between £5m and £20m. Sedgwick makes investments in existing ROC or FIT accredited renewable energy projects as well as construction-ready energy assets, whether with a subsidy or not.


Projects of interest typically have capacity of 5MW+ and should be located within the UK, including Northern Ireland. If you are seeking funding for an energy project, please email [email protected] for more information or to arrange a meeting.

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