New Managed Storage Investee Companies launched

Richard Cook

Managed storage EIS

Blackfinch is delighted to announce the launch of new Managed Storage Investee Companies as part of our Evolve Asset Focused EIS Portfolios


The new investee companies will address the ongoing demand for managed storage across the UK.

Led by an innovative management team, the companies have strong prospects and are set to progress quickly, becoming well established and in a position to anchor the revenues required to establish growth and profitability. Click here for more details.


  • Target returns of £1.10p – £1.25p
  • Managed storage units will mean that commercial property will form a substantial part of each company’s balance sheet, providing a high level of asset backing within the trading entity
  • Provides further diversification for clients
  • Forms part of a product that has a positive MICAP review
  • Advance assurance has been granted by HMRC


  • 30% upfront Income Tax relief
  • 100% Inheritance Tax exemption after two years
  • 100% Capital Gains Tax deferral
  • Offset capital losses up to 45%
  • Tax free growth

Investments will not be available after the Royal Assent of the finance bill has been completed, so act now by calling 01684 571 255 to express interest in our current available EIS capacity.

Click here for the new Managed Storage Deal Sheet

Click here for the Evolve Asset Focused EIS Portfolios Application form

Click here for the Evolve Asset Focused EIS Portfolios Terms & Conditions