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Is it business as usual as Blackfinch?

Yes, it’s very much business as usual. Our aim is to provide the highest level of support and continuity to advisers and investors. Our teams are all working across businesses and carrying out regular day-to-day functions.

All of the products and services are running as usual and we continue to receive regular inflows of new investor money. All current products remain open for investment.

What measures have you taken in response to the coronavirus outbreak?

We have a robust and well-tested approach for the months ahead. We have increased all risk management and monitoring controls across the investments that we manage. Where applicable we’re producing internal reporting on the markets on a daily basis.

We’re following government guidelines, with teams working remotely, now using increased IT capabilities. We’ve also enhanced our processes to meet customers’ requirements during this period.

How is Blackfinch continuing to manage investments and support investee companies?

Our unlisted products, including the Blackfinch Spring VCT, Blackfinch Ventures EIS Portfolios and Adapt IHT Portfolios, have a much-reduced correlation to the markets. However, we’re supporting all portfolio companies throughout this period, working closely with the management teams of each.

Many companies within the EIS and targeted for the VCT are able to further grow their business in this environment as they offer remote services. Meanwhile the companies underlying the Adapt IHT Portfolios are well placed to capitalise on new opportunities in specialised markets.

Our listed products include the Adapt AIM Portfolios. Within the Adapt AIM Portfolios, companies are strongly positioned, often offering essential and/or remote services, and proving resilient.

The Blackfinch Asset Management MPS (Managed Portfolio Service) and Adaptation Funds are all multi-asset and globally diversified in nature with a focus on long-term investment objectives. The portfolios are rebalanced monthly and monitored daily by the Investment team. The team regularly rebalances them, with a focus on long-term investment objectives.

How can I access and send application forms and monies while working remotely?

We have enhanced our processes to support remote working and social distancing. You can now access application forms online, helping you to complete these more efficiently. The online application forms are editable and you can use electronic signatures.

We also now accept scanned applications and payments by BACS and CHAPS. We can, of course, still process hard-copy applications and payments by cheque. However, the updated process facilitates applications by email and bank transfers.

How can I keep up to date with news from Blackfinch on its response to coronavirus?

We will provide updates to our adviser network. This is to ensure a flow of information to help with conversations, meetings and decision-making. If you’re an adviser who isn’t already on our mailing list, you can sign up for updates by completing the ‘Sign up’ field found at the end of the News page on See here:

How is Blackfinch positioned for the future?

We continue to carry out our work based on our values of ‘adapt’, ‘evolve’ and ‘thrive’, which have already enabled us to navigate many past market upheavals. In the face of the events arising from the pandemic, this ability to adapt and evolve with changing conditions and requirements has come into force.

We’re focused on helping our customers, our investee companies, and our workforce through this period, in order that we can see each continue to thrive. We look forward to navigating this situation together and returning to more certain times as an even stronger team.

Can I get in contact if I have questions?

We continue to offer extensive support for our financial planning partners and their clients. If you have questions on investments, our products and processes, or your business needs, please contact us on [email protected] or call 01452 717070.