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Corporate Management Service

Our bespoke service means cash can take flight while your business keeps its feet on the ground. We look to maximise the earning potential of surplus cash through lending activity, while working to maintain attractive tax reliefs for shareholders.

Cash on account is a luxury few businesses can afford. The Thrive Corporate Management Service is designed to deliver strong risk-adjusted returns for surplus capital held within a business. We work under a management agreement to make excess cash work harder from within the company. As capital stays within the businesses, owners stay in control.

Key Benefits

The bespoke service brings several benefits, from security in underlying assets to ease of access and a competitive target return.

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The service brings the opportunity to deploy surplus cash into direct lending activities targeting a competitive return of 4%–7% per year (net of all fees) with no upper limit.

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If you wish to exit loans, Blackfinch will access its lender network, looking to sell the loans on your behalf. As an indication rather than guarantee around timeframes, historically we have facilitated liquidity within 2–4 weeks.

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Underlying assets will provide strong security to underpin your company’s capital. Assets will be transparently valued and security will be delivered via a legal charge. Blackfinch will continue to monitor the value of the assets in comparison to your loan position.

Further Reading

For more information on the Thrive Corporate Management Service you can select from the links below. You can also email [email protected] or call 01684 571 255 to make an appointment with one of our team.

Micap Report

We are very proud that the Thrive Corporate Managment Services have received a review from MICAP, the provider of quality independent due diligence and research into the tax-efficient investment market.

Click here to view the latest MICAP report.

Case Studies

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