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IHT Protected Portfolios

A next-generation solution, designed to safeguard your legacy through safeguarding your investment. Life cover, as part of capital preservation and risk mitigation, makes for a protected portfolio.

The Adapt IHT Protected Portfolios can help investors address Inheritance Tax (IHT) through investments that can deliver IHT exemption via Business Relief. Life cover, starting from the date shares are acquired, can help to further protect assets for beneficiaries.

Key Benefits

Benefit from a more secure solution, enabling IHT exemption while staying in control of your money and ensuring protection through life cover.

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Preserve Wealth

If assets are over the current IHT tax-free threshold of £325,000, investing into the Adapt IHT Protected Portfolios can potentially reduce the 40% tax payable on your excess estate. The portfolio can become exempt from IHT in just two years.

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Ensure Protection

Life cover is aligned with the focus on capital preservation and risk mitigation. It ensures further protection, designed to mitigate the impact of IHT for the first two years before IHT relief comes into effect, starting from the date shares are acquired.

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Stay In Control

Retained access to and control of your capital enables you to make full or partial withdrawals if the situation changes. You can take a regular payment from your investment (quarterly, semi-annually or annually) or leave the capital invested.

Life Cover

Life cover is integral to the Adapt IHT Protected Portfolios, to further protect your assets for your beneficiaries. 

Key Information


Maximum two years


40% of original gross investment on death

Maximum pay-out:

£100,000 (£250,000) investment

Maximum age:

Under 85 years at the investment date

Medical exclusions:

See Brochure and Terms & Conditions


Blackfinch is  the policyholder and holds the policy on trust for your benefit


Included within the portfolio establishment fee

Further Reading

For more information on the Adapt IHT Protected Portfolios you can select from the links below. You can also email enquiries@blackfinch.com or call 01684 571 255 to make an appointment with one of our team.

case studies

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