Blackfinch flies in parallel with big birds for new IHT offering  

Richard Cook

Adapt IHT Protected LaunchThe Adapt IHT Protected Portfolios, bringing an evolved Inheritance Tax solution with integrated life cover, constitute a new service launching in the same moment that scientists announce a new species of ‘Big Bird’ finch.

The Blackfinch isn’t just part of our company’s name. It’s part of our ethos, and more widely the history of evolution. A group of finches in the Galapagos Islands inspired Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution after he saw how they evolved, adapting to their environment and becoming stronger. The Black Finch was the most highly evolved.

In working to meet our customers’ needs, we draw inspiration from the finches, through a focus on constant evolution. We continue adapting to changing market conditions and customer needs to provide optimised investment solutions.

This approach is reflected in our new offering the Adapt IHT Protected Portfolios, launching this week. Across our range of Inheritance Tax (IHT) services we offer what our customers require – swift and simple solutions that can bring IHT relief and a return on investment, while enabling them to stay in control of their money.

The Adapt IHT Protected Portfolios deliver all these benefits with the assurance of life cover, which starts from the date shares are acquired. This allows customers to safeguard their legacy through safeguarding their investment, and further protect their assets for beneficiaries.

We developed the Adapt IHT Protected Portfolios with attention to customer needs and a close eye on market and economic change, including November’s Budget. As we also always keep up with the progress of the finches, in the very same week of the Budget were delighted to learn from BBC News that they too are continuing to adapt and evolve.

Over the last 40 years, the arrival of different finches to the Galapagos islands has resulted in an expanded population, with offspring that are now redefining scientific understanding of evolutionary change.

The new finches have helped scientists confirm that evolution can happen much faster than previously thought. They have also shown that breeding between species can lead first to hybridisation and then to speciation – a whole new species.

In this case, the new species of finches have been dubbed the ‘Big Bird population’, as they are so highly evolved. They are larger than other species on the islands, and able to exploit opportunities for new food sources. These advantageous traits may be maintained by natural selection.

It’s great to know that the finches are thriving, and continuing to inspire scientific endeavour. They have certainly inspired us as we launch the Adapt IHT Protected Portfolios. We have created a hybrid offering combining the key benefits of our IHT solutions with the assurance of life cover. This brings the opportunity for our customers to take advantage of an evolved solution.