Adapt IHT Protected Portfolios

Dominique Butters

The Adapt IHT Portfolios have proved popular with clients looking for a swift and straightforward solution to the challenge of Inheritance Tax. The new Adapt IHT Protected Portfolios meet client needs with further protection through integrated life cover.

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Inheritance Tax (IHT) is affecting more and more people. The tax-free threshold on an individual’s estate is currently just £325,000, set against rising property values, meaning IHT could well impact on an client’s legacy.

Investors in the Adapt IHT Protected Portfolios can mitigate IHT and preserve wealth, with further protection provided by integrated life cover. Investors have three protected portfolios to choose from – Capital Preservation, Balanced or Growth – and can select depending on their aims and circumstances.



Developed with a Lloyds of London underwriter, integrated cover is designed to mitigate the impact of IHT if death occurs within the first two years before IHT relief comes into effect. It starts from the date that shares are acquired, lasts for two years, and can pay out 40% of the value of the original gross investment.



  • PRESERVE WEALTH: Potentially reduce the 40% tax payable on excess estate
  • REASSURANCE: Trading activity focused on capital preservation
  • PROTECTION: Life cover ensures further protection for assets
  • SWIFT MITIGATION: 100% IHT exemption in two years and if held at death
  • A SIMPLE SOLUTION: No complex or expensive legal structures
  • FLEXIBILITY: Ability to take regular payments or leave capital invested
  • CONTROL: Access to and control of capital as circumstances change
  • GROWTH: Competitive fee structure further protects client interests

Life cover is integral to the Adapt IHT Protected Portfolios, aligned with the focus on capital preservation and risk mitigation, to help further protect client assets for beneficiaries.



For more information about the Adapt IHT Protected Portfolios please click here

For more information about the Adapt IHT Portfolios please click here