Adapt IHT Protected Portfolios meet clients’ needs

Gordon Pugh

The portfolios, designed in response to client requirements, reflect Blackfinch’s approach.


Blackfinch constantly evolves as part of providing the strongest possible solutions for clients. Our ability to adapt is core to how we work. We respond to change in the market, and to client requirements, ensuring that our services meet customers’ needs.

This starts with product development, including the most recent addition to our Inheritance Tax (IHT) range, the Adapt IHT Protected Portfolios. Across the range, our products enable clients to mitigate IHT, an issue that continues to grow in terms of the number of people affected and the tax bill they and their families face.

We know that clients are looking for solutions where capital protection and risk mitigation are a given, and that bring reasonably swift IHT exemption, but with access to cash (capital) should circumstances change.

But beyond that, it’s also clear that clients want to do all they can to protect their families, starting from the moment they invest, before IHT exemption is achieved. For many clients, preparing for every eventuality and shielding their families from the taxman goes hand in hand with preserving wealth.

In response to this need, we developed the Adapt IHT Protected Portfolios as a next-generation IHT solution, designed to safeguard clients’ investments from the start of the investment timeframe. Integrated life cover is its central feature. It starts from the date shares are acquired and is designed to mitigate the impact of IHT for the first two years before IHT relief comes into effect.

In the event of death, it covers 40% of the original gross investment. As trustee, Blackfinch pays the cover proceeds to those among the client’s family or beneficiaries that the client has nominated. Having this process in place helps to ensure that any proceeds from the cover fall outside the clients’ estate and are not liable for IHT.

The Adapt IHT Protected Portfolios can give clients what they need – the assurance that from the outset both their family and their assets are protected. And with a continued requirement for IHT solutions, we will continue listening to clients and adapting to their needs.


To find out more information about the Adapt IHT Protected Portfolios click here

To find out more information about the Adapt IHT Portfolios click here