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The Blackfinch Asset Focused EIS Portfolios allow you to access asset-backed trading activities that provide a degree of capital preservation and risk mitigation. Our EIS portfolios are a discretionary managed service which means that we select the investee companies on behalf of the investor according to our investment mandate. First and foremost, we will only invest into companies that have been granted Advance Assurance from HMRC, providing comfort to the investor that they qualify for the valuable EIS tax reliefs.


EIS allows investors the opportunity to invest into companies which attract a range of attractive tax benefits. This can help reduce income tax liabilities, defer capital gains, or address inheritance tax.




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Business Property Relief


The nature of the activities undertaken by the investee company in which we invest is such that the company will also qualify for BPR.


Unlike the EIS tax benefits, it is not possible to obtain any assurance from HMRC that the investee company will qualify for this relief; it is assessed by HMRC on a case by case basis at the time of death of the investor as part of the probate process. The proportion of the investment that is deemed to qualify at that time, assuming it has been held for at least two years and is still held at the time of death, can be passed to the beneficiaries free of inheritance tax. The two-year time frame commences when HMRC deem the investment has become BPR qualifying, which may be later than the investment date.



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