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Inheritance tax (IHT) is affecting more and more of us. With the tax-free threshold frozen at just £325,000 until 2018 and property values continuing to rise, it is increasingly likely that IHT will bite into the legacy you want to leave.


After accumulating assets over a lifetime, having your family and other beneficiaries pay 40% tax when you die can be hard to accept, particularly when you have paid tax on your earnings for most of your life.


Traditional methods for mitigating IHT concentrate on creating trusts and gifting capital. Trusts can take several years to become effective and can be complex and expensive to set up and administer. They also usually result in you losing control of and access to your money. Gifts can also have tax consequences and you immediately lose control of your capital.


At Blackfinch Investments Ltd (Blackfinch), we recognise your need for an IHT mitigation strategy that offers:


   — IHT relief faster than 7 years

   — Control of and access to your capital if required

   — Preservation of your capital

   — Transparency of underlying investments

   — Diversification into a range of assets and sectors

   — A simple process that doesn’t involve complex legal structures or

        medical underwriting

   — A cost efficient solution


We have therefore developed the ‘Blackfinch IHT Portfolios’, to give you faster and simpler IHT mitigation. Our approach keeps you in control of your money and targets a return on your investment, as well as the option to withdraw capital should you require it.

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Business Property Relief


Business Property Relief is a tax relief that was introduced by the UK government in 1976. HMRC even has a generous replacement property rule which says that if someone sells an asset that

qualifies for BPR, they can reinvest the all proceeds of the sale in a new BPR investment within three years and qualify for BPR immediately.


The relief is one of the most important reliefs available within the scope of IHT as it reduces the value of certain assets liable by up to 100%. Relief is available

for certain investments including shares in qualifying unquoted companies. The investor to hold the shares for two years prior to them being transferred upon death, or if you acquire

the shares on the death of a spouse/civil partner then their period of ownership counts towards yours.


Blackfinch will only invest in companies that we are confident will qualify for Business Property Relief and we will always obtain independent verification to this effect. Business Property Relief is now well-established and has been used over many years to successfully help individuals and their families save 40% inheritance tax.



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